Poll 8

If you were stranded on a desert island, which character would you be happiest to be stuck with?

Anonymous said: Do you know any reason why people would ship kinjou with arakita? I'm confused with this pairing.

There is reason for it but it’s based on future events in the manga so I’m putting it under a read more…

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grimelius replied to your post “Ok so my boyfriend hasn’t watched yowapeda but he’s basically Toudou…”

But does he text you like every 10 minutes? ;D

Well we’re in different countries so texting isn’t really plausible, but he does message me every ten minutes so I’d say that’s as good as! ^w^

Ok so my boyfriend hasn’t watched yowapeda but he’s basically Toudou and is quite happy with this. And he was just telling me about how Hakogaku cosplays were on display in animate this weekend and then talking about Toudou and he basically just said:

'He looks really fabulous'

And I honestly died, like he just got Toudou perfectly. God I wish he’d watch this show so he could understand just how amazing Toudou is.


[3/5] second batch of charms! along with T2 doodle I finally colored. \ o /

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Anonymous said: You make me want to ship Ishisaka now.

I am not sorry. The world needs to realise the wonders of those two precious dorks being in a relationship with each other. They’re too perfect and need to just wrap themselves in blankets and snuggle with some happy anime! >w<

Ishigaki would watch it all whilst cuddling Onoda. He’d buy him figures instead of chocolates at valentines cause he saw how Onoda was looking longingly at that one a few weeks back! He would be happy to spend New Year’s in tokyo together just to go to comiket and wouldn’t care that Onoda wanted to cosplay as Kotori though he may get a tiny bit jealous when Onoda gets excited about Arimaru cosplayers but as long as his Kotori is happy then it’s all fine. And he may teasingly refer to Onoda as his princess that day just to see the cutest blush >w<


Some of the girls from the sports anime I watch! Can you name them all? 
(click on the picture for their full names!)

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New poll type

Ok so I figured to pass the weeks (rather than despairingly counting each Monday) we could maybe do some more polls.

But instead of the regular ones I did in the past I was thinking these could be more ‘situational’ types… kinda like ‘which character do you think would be best in/end up in this situation’.

I’ll put the first one up in an hour or so. As always it’s just for fun but it’s always great to hear what you all think! ^w^

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Chap.235.5, part [ 1 ] , [ 2 ] , [ 3 ], 4

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Manami’s photo of a very hungover Arakita and Shinkai - drawn from an AMAZING YOWAMUSHI PEDAL FANFIC. Please, please, PLEASE go and read it, its hilarious and it is one of my all time favourites!!

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i heard these three were pretty good bros

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