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Middle school though.

Continuation of this kinda.

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college = no life

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[it was a matter of time until I start drawing him again…. this is plain body worship in case you didn’t notice, bc damn…………that body…….]-

Midousuji x ????? page 1/3 (…3?)

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I know I’m garbage.
I don’t care.
I want to see Onoda in cute dresses, damnit.

Another one of the pages that will be in my Yowapeda artbook!

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Kinjou’s glasses

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Makishima sketch with color. Because he has awesome hair porn.

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A good friend of mine called Yowapeda
"Biking Shinji Anime"
so I just
r e s i s t.
Just one of the many pages of the Yowapeda artbook I’m working on!

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Just wondering if there’s anything in particular people would like to see as a run up to the new season coming out in a week? I’m open to ideas provided I can figure out how to do them ^w^ Even if it was just something simple like a get to know your admin or a proper character knockout popularity poll or a yowapeda quiz (I have no idea how I’d do that but yeah, ideas are good)…

I just feel like kinda a sucky admin if I don’t do anything in particular to see in the new season :S

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I’m not ready